In 2003, when Channo Devi Foundation was established, a certain amount of money was invested in the form of capital. The dividends received from which have been utilized to complete the various projects that were undertaken since then.

The amount of capital has remained the same throughout but as the projects in pipeline are increasing, we are looking forward to increase the amount though donations or by raising funds.

In this regard, we would welcome any kind of donations from those people who are interested in helping others improve their living conditions and, in turn, ensuring them a bright future. The donations can be sent to this address:

Channo Devi Stiftung
IBAN: DE04 2005 0550 1002 2309 26
HASPA Bank, Hamburg, Germany

The donations can be made periodically, may be every month or every quarter. Contributions above EUR 250,00 will receive receipts. We also award stars to the donors as per their amount of donation like the rating given below:

  • up to EUR 5.000,00 *****
    – Harm Heinike
    – Dirk Heinike

  • up to EUR 500,00 ***
    – Frank Siebert

  • up to EUR 250,00 **
    – Christoph Sasse
    – Gita Heinike
    – Vocation Group

  • up to EUR 100,00 *
    – Bas van der Grinten
    – Doris Kassilowski
    – Sanne Cruyen
    – Sabine Latta

    Up to 5000,00 *****
    Up to 500,00 ****
    Up to 200,00 ***
    Up to 100,00 **

Note: The names will be disclosed as per preference because we respect and make it a point not to mention the names of those who do not wish to be named.