Channo Devi Foundation is aimed to help Mandothi village, in the district Jajjhar in Haryana. It is about 40 km northwest of New mandothiDelhi and an hour’s drive from the heart of New Delhi city. The population of the village consists of about 30,000 people and agriculture is the main occupation. Though the village has electricity, it has no running water facilities, as is the case in most of the Indian villages where people fetch drinking water from the wells. Altogether the village has 9 schools – some exclusively for girls, others exclusively for boys and some for both of them together. Although primary education is compulsory and free for every child in India, there are still parents who do not send their children to school due to cost of books, clothing etc, Channo Devi Foundation wishes to help such people in need.

The exact location of Mandothi can be seen on GoogleEarth by clicking on the following link: Mandothi