Donations in 2015

    In 2015, Channo Devi Foundation has received few donations

  • The first donation came from Mr. Harm Heinike. Every year at Christmas Mr. Heinike gives a donation to the foundation. This year Mr. Harm Heinike supported the foundation with €200. Thanks a lot!
  • The second donation was raised at Sabine Latta’s birthday party where different people contributed together a total €875. Thank you Sabine for taking this initiative and everyone who contributed. Individual thank you letters will be sent to all those who contributed.

Board Meeting Oct 2015

We had a board meeting at Kaldenkirchen Germany to review the progress of projects in 2015. Also, a decision was taken to shift the foundation to Haspa Bank in Hamburg. This would be done later in the month of Oct, when Gita Singh-Heinike and Jori Singh meet with officials at Haspa in Hamburg.

Mandothi Visit in September 2015


  • Uniform distribution at a school in Mandothi to the poor students.
  • 100 children received a set of shirt and pant from the foundation.
  • Construction of a water hand pump started at another school as they do not have any water facility in their school toilet.

Board meeting April 2015

We had board meeting at Kaldenkirchen Germany to discuss the progress of 2014.

Mandothi Visit in March 2015


  • Two water tanks completed in two schools in Mandothi
  • Deepak, a student sponsored by the foundation since 2010 has been selected for a job in Campus interview by a big electrical equipment manufacturing company.
  • Another student – Dipanshu, sponsored since 2009 has been selected for a sports sponsorship by the state Government of Haryana
  • Ritu, Pooja and Jitender sponsored since 2010 have also completed their schooling with good marks and are pursuing their Bachelors’ Degree and want to become teachers when they complete their eduction in 2018
  • Aashish, whose Engineering Diploma was sponsored by the foundation has found a good job in New Delhi.

Donations in 2014

    In the year 2014, Channo Devi Foundation received two donations

  • The first one in november from Mr. Frank Siebert. He is a friend of Birgit Heinike and celebrated his 50th birthday in 2014. On his birthday, he informed his guests that instead of giving him gifts, he would like them to give a donation to two projects – one in Africa and the other in India to Channo Devi Foundation. The friends of Mr. Frank Siebert donated € 400 to the foundation. An excellent idea of Frank Siebert to mark his birthday and help needy children in a village in India.
  • The second donation came from Mr. Harm Heinike. Every year at Christmas Mr. Heinike gives a donation to the foundation. This year Mr. Harm Heinike supported the foundation with €150. Thanks a lot!

Donation in November 2013

  • Mr. Harm Heinike donated EUR 150

Donation in December 2012

  • Mr. Dirk Heinike donated EUR 5.000

Donation in November 2012

  • Mr. Harm Heinike donated EUR 150

Donation in December 2011

  • Mr. Harm Heinike donated EUR 100

Board meeting in October 2011 in Kaldenkirchen, Germany


  • Considering the availability of own funds, it was decided to make a financial support plan for the existing beneficiaries for the coming years. Mani Singh made the plan and it is accepted by all board members.

Donation in October 2011

  • Gita Heinike donated EUR 50

Mandothi visit in December 2010

  • Mani Singh and Jori Singh visited Mandothi in December 2010. A new student Hari Om, whose father is a labourer, is selected for 2011 projects. He is studying Mechanical Engineering diploma and scored 78% marks in 10th. class examination

Donations in October 2010

  • Mr. Harm Heinike, Mr. Christoph Sasse and Mr. Bas van der Grinten donated EUR 100,-, EUR 200,- and EUR 50,- respectively.

Mani Singh’ Mandothi schools visit in July 2010

  • Mani Singh visited Mandothi again in July and we selected 6 students for our 2010 projects besides already running projects. More…..

Gita Heinike, Mani Singh and Jori Singh’s Mandothi visit in April 2010

    • In India the school examination results are declared between end of March and beginning of April.
    • Gita Heinike, Mani Singh and Jori Singh visited Mandothi in the beginning of April. Unfortunately the results were not declared. Besides that the students were helping their parents in crop harvesting which is the first priority in Mandothi because it is an agriculture based society. It has to be done within a short particular time.

So we postponed the selection of students according to the method which was decided by the board members meeting in October 2009

On 1st. December 2009 Mani Singh visited Mandothi.

    • The main aim was to discuss the plan, made during “Board Meeting 2009”, with the teachers and the principals of the Girl’s and Boy’s schools. More on his report
    • Mani Singh also distributed 20 sets of pullovers & shoes, which belong to the school uniform, to poor students.

For a short film about the distribution of pullovers & shoes please click here

Board meeting on 19th. October 2009 at Kaldenkirchen Germany

      • On 19th Oct 2009, the board members of Channo Devi Foundation met in Kaldenkirchen, Germany. The agenda of the meeting was to review the progress so far and build up short term and long term plan for the foundation’s activities.

On 5th January 2009 Doris Kassilowski donated EUR 50

        • This donation will be utilised to pay the tuition fee of Dipanshu for 2009, see Projects 2009. His yearly tuition fee is estimated at about INR 2.400,-.

On 26th December 2008 Mr. Heinike presented a donation cheque of EUR 250

        • Rinki Dalal is one of the students which have been selected by Channodevi Foundation to support her 3 year study at the college. Her annual college fee will be around INR 5.000,- so for 3 years it will be INR 15.000,- which is around EUR 250
        • According to Mr. Heinike’s wish, this donation will be spent to support Rinki’s study.
        • Mani Singh and Jori Singh visited Mandothi in October and November 2008.
        • Three projects were selected by the Channodevi Foundation for 2008 and all three projects have been realised: The Water Tank in Girl’s Higher Secondary School, 10 Black Boards & 5 Ceiling fans for Boy’s Secondary School.
        • The water tank in the Girl’s Higher Secondary School was almost complete in October, see under Projects 2008. Almost in whole of India there was too much rain fall this year. It caused delay in constructing the water tank and besides that it was very difficult to get labour to build it. Mrs. Anita took keen interest in our activities. She organised labour, had brilliant ideas regarding the execution of the construction and supervised it in her own free time.
        • She is already helping financially a boy named Vikas, see Projects 2009, to complete his Higher Secondary School. She requested us to help Vikas so that he can do a technical study for better prospect in life. There is a girl named Rinki having the same financial problem.
        • Mrs. Anita also mentioned another problem which the students have. Several class room windows open in houses of neighbours, see Projects 2009. The noisy neighbouring houses disturb the students during the lessons. Mrs. Anita requested whether the foundation could help the school with window doors so that the students could learn without disturbance.

Visit to Mandothi December 2007 – January 2008

        • Gita Heinike, Mani Singh and Jori Singh visited Mandothi 3 times during this period. The aim was to know about the success of the previous realised projects and gain information about new projects under the aims of the foundation.
        • All students who received help in 2006, see Projects realised in 2006, had passed their examination with good results which was a good news for the foundation.
        • As a starting point all realised projects up to now were in Government Senior Secondary School. For next step we also had other schools on our list where help was needed. We visited another school Government Girl’s Senior Secondary School. The school building is in a better condition than the previous school.

        • Gita Heinike discussed with the teachers of both schools about problems regarding the study of the students and how Channo Devi Foundation could help them. Being a principal herself, Gita Heinike could recognize and identify the school’s problems.
        • A list of projects was handed over to us on our next visit. We have selected some projects which are directly related to the aims of the foundation, see under Projects for 2008.
        • Mr. Vijay Kumar, see under Board, is a teacher in another school in Mandothi. In his school there are some children who are brilliant but their parents have little or no funds to support their children’s studies. He requested us to help these children. He will send us the names of the children with income of the parents. This will be the third school for our activities in Mandothi.

August 2007 – Water tank

        • In Mandothi there is running water but not in every house or building. In Government Senior Secondary School with about 350 students there was water connection but no water tank for storage. In summer the temperature could reach above 45°C.
        • The principal knew this problem but had no funds. Channo Devi Foundation was approached for help. The water tank was ready in August and the school children can drink water any time they are thirsty.
        • This water tank is built by the donation, collected by Gita Heinike during the Vocation meeting at Bonn in November 2006.
        • See details under PROJECTS

November 2006 – Vocation meeting at Bonn

        • Gita Heinike vistied vocation meeting at Bonn. She informed the co-participants about the aim and activities of ChannoDevi Foundation. The participants donated a total sum of EUR 187,40 which has been deposited into the foundations’account.


October 2006 – Board members meeting on 13-10-2006 at Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen

        • This meeting was arranged for Mr. Mani Singh’s visit to Germany.
        • Gita Heinike and Jori Singh informed about their visit to Mandothi and their impressions.
        • It was discussed how to use the funds most effectively in mandothi for foundation’s original aims, without hurting the traditional structure and awakening new desires away from the original aims.
        • Mr. Mani Singh presented the current promotion plan to help the talented children.
        • If these students improve their performance or at least keep it, then they will be helped next year as well. A procedure will be developed to keep track of their performance.

The board members supported the plan to help the talented children in this way in the future.

April/May 2006

        • Mr. Mani Singh distibuted school uniforms, books, stationary to 14 children.
        • Completion of girl’s toilet.


          • Mr. Mani Singh visited Mandothi. There is urgent need for the following:
          • Girl’s toilet in a high school.
          • New school year starts in April. A list will be made before that for those students who qualify for help for uniform, books etc. Mr. Mani suggested to make a data base with information about the parents with their income etc.
          • This information will be verified by Mr. Vijay Kumar who lives in Mandothi. The database will also store the students progress in the school. In this way it will help the foundation to help the real poor students who have an ambition to study.


            • Gita Heinike, Mani Singh and Jori Singh visited Mandothi on 28th December 2005. The schools were closed for winter holidays.
            • A teacher’s training programme was going on in the school for the teachers from the region. Various possibilities were discussed with the teachers to help the schools and the children. The teachers were requested to make a list of projects where Channodevi Foundation can provide help. It will be collected by Mani Singh on 22nd. January from Mandothi.


              • Board meeting in Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen with following decisions:
              • From 2006 onwards Kanzlei Berzdorf & Sasse in Meerbusch, Germany will do the financial administration.
              • Gita Heinike is nominated unanimously as board member.
              • Projects for 2006 discussed for which Gita Heinike and Jori Singh visited Mandothi at the end of Dec.


                • Pullover distribution to poor children in Mandothi by Mr. Mani Singh. See distribution photo’s under “BENEFICIARIES”.


                  • Board meeting in Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen with Mr. Christoph Sasse as judicial advisor and Mrs. Gita Heinike as
                    supporter of foundation’s activities to discuss the financial year 2003 and to support financially the activities which were coordinated during 2004 in India.


                  • Mr. Mani Singh along with village people made a list of children, whose parents cannot afford warm clothing’s for their school-going children.
                  • During 2004 many visits were made by Mr. Mani Singh from New Delhi to Mandothi. He brought the paralysed young man
                    Billu for various tests like MRI-scan to different doctor’s and hospitals in New Delhi.


                  • First board meeting took place at Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen Germany.


                • Channo Devi Foundation registered at Düsseldorf, Germany under nr. 15.2.1-St. 963.