Projects selected for 2015


  • Drinking water connection and pipeline at a school in Mandothi
  • Fees & Books for 10 students from Mandothi
  • Jitender will go to BSc 2nd year. After completing his BSc in 2017, he wants to do MSc and wants to become a teacher.
  • Ritu completed her school with 80% marks in 12th and is in her BA Ist year. She wants to do BEd after she finishes her BA in 2017 and become a teacher
  • Pooja also completed here 12th Class with 76% marks and is doing BA. She also wants to complete BEd after BA and become a teacher

Projects selected for 2014


  • In 2014, the foundation has started construction of two water tanks for drinking water in two schools in Mandothi.
  • With the start of winter in Dec, the foundation would be distributing woollen sweaters and shoes to about 300 students in two schools in Mandothi.

Projects selected for 2013

The foundation sponsored the eduction of students in Mandothi, including 3 girl students in Higher Secondary, 2 boys in Higher Secondary, one Engineering Student and 5 Primary school students. One of the students completed his Engineering Diploma and another young student sponsored by the foundation won a sports scholarship from the State of Haryana.

Projects selected for 2012

This year the same students received sponsorship from the foundation for buying books, school fees and annual examination fees.

Projects selected for 2011

Besides helping the existing students, following students have been selected for 2011.

Hariom is 17 years old and studying diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Vaish Technical Institute Rohtak. The diploma takes for 3 years


Projects selected for 2010

Following students have been selected from Bal Vikas High School.

Aachel is 15 years old and studying in 10th class

Ankit is 19 years old and studying in 12th class

Deepak is 14 years old and studying in 9th class

Pooja is 14 years old and studying in 9th class

Ritu is 15 years old and studying in 9th class

Vicki is 16 years old and studying in 12th class



Projects selected for 2009

During our visit to Mandothi we were approached by the teacher Mrs. Anita Rani, see projects realised in 2008, to help some students for further studies. There is a girl and a boy, both of them are brilliant students and both have unfortunately lost their fathers. Their mothers are not in a sound financial position to finance their studies after the final school examination.


Rinki is presently studying in the final year of Higher Secondary School. Her aim is to become a teacher which needs 3 years college study and 2 year teacher course. The new study year in India will start in April 2009. We have asked for an estimation of the annual tuition fee to plan our support.



Vikas is presently also studying in the final year of Higher Secondary School. His aim is to do technical study which would offer him better prospect for a job. It will take 3 years. Same as with Rinki, the new study year will start in April 2009. We have asked him also for an estimation of the annual tuition fee to plan our support.


1 Family

Besides these 2 students we have selected 2 families with 3 and 2 young children, to provide better education for their children. We are waitng for more information about their tuition fee etc.







Window doors for Girl’s Higher Secondary School

Several class room windows open in houses of neighbours, see below. The noisy neighbouring houses disturb the students during the lessons. Cost estimate for the window doors is asked.



Projects selected and realised in 2008

After visiting Mandothi in December 2007 – January 2008 by Gita Heinike, Mani Singh and Jori Singh, and discussing with various teachers in the schools the following projects were selected by the foundation. We are proudly mention that all these projects have been realised.

Government Girl’s Senior Secondary School:

Water tank
This school had the same problem as with Government Boy’s Senior Secondary School. The students used to drink water from the buckets, see below left. The school is situated on the hilly part of Mandothi so we had to install an elctric motor to transport water to the tank. Madam Anita Rani, see below right, was very helpful in organising labour etc. to realise this project.

Government Boy’s Senior Secondary School:

10 Black Boards for class rooms

Till now the teachers wrote on black painted walls of the class rooms, see photo below left. It was almost impossible for the students to read the text on the blackboards from a distance of a few meters.


5 Ceiling Fans

The temperature could reach above 45 degree C in summer in Mandothi. It is impossible for a human being to keep concentration in such a high temprature.



Projects realised in 2007

Water tank

In Mandothi there is running water but not everywhere. In Government Senior Secondary School with about 350 students there was water connection but no water tank for storage. In summer the temperature could reach above 45°C. The school children had to wait till the school was over, to go home to drink water.

Till now Mrs. Vidya Vati used to carry drinking water in a vessel from a well which is about 700m from the school. The water tank has freed her going to and fro the well for an uncountable number per day. She posed proudly in front of her water tank.

Well, school in background

Vidyavati with her vessel

Water tank

Vidya Vati in front of her water tank

The principal knew this problem but had no funds. Channo Devi Foundation was approached for help. The water tank was ready in August and the school children can drink water any time they are thirsty.

This water tank is built by the donation, collected by Gita Heinike during the Vocation meeting at Bonn in November 2006.


Projects realised in 2006

Girl’s toilet in a high school.

Girl’s toilet

Toilet donation stone

14 students who received school uniform, books, stationary etc. in April 2006.


S12 Sudesh

S13 Geeta

S14 Rani

S01 Jaiprakash

S02 Jogender

S03 Sombir

S04 Lalit

S05 Rahul

S06 Manoj

S07 Arvind

S08 Manjeet

S09 Sombir

S10 Dayanand

S11 Mukesh


Projects realised in 2004


Clothing and shoes were distributed to 130 poor students, whose
parents could not afford the same. This project was completed in November 2004, enabling them to fight the biting cold
winter this year.

Ajay Kumar was a wrestler, till fate one day in the form of accident paralyzed him below the neck.

Completely bed-ridden, this once-upon-a-time agile youth found himself quite helpless and
totally dependent on his elder and younger brothers for all his needs. The accident had happened in 1997 and due to lack of
funds and medical resources, his condition fast began to deteriorate with the passing of each year.

In 2003, Channo Devi Foundation decided to take up his case and help him with his treatment and medicines. Under the
Foundation’s supervision various tests e.g. MRI-scan were made in New Delhi to assess the possibility of his fully or partly
In the beginning Ajay Kumar’s deteriorating situation began to show some positive changes as he was put through
good medical guidance. But due to long paralysis the infections in his body had unfortunately reached such a high level that
it could not be treated and Ajay Kumar died in December 2005.

In future Channodevi Foundation will try to provide help in time for similar needs.


Projects realised in 2001

Though Channo Devi was officially established in 2003, it began its activities long time back. Like in the year 2001, the village of Mandothi realized the need of a community house “Chaupal” to hold meetings, celebrate festivals, etc. The villagers donated money but they were still unable to meet the finances, so they approached Mr Jori Singh who donated a considerable amount (Rs 30,000 about USD 750,- at that time) and helped the completion of the project.

Below are some photographs of the building and one of the thanks-giving stones carrying the names of those who donated more than Rs